Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gagosian Gallery Cecily Brown

"I'm more interested in sublimation. I love the way Francis Bacon talked about the grin without the cat, the sensation without the boredom of its conveyance…I've always wanted to be able to convey figurative imagery in a kind of shorthand, to get it across in as direct a way as possible. I want there to be a human presence without having to depict it in full."

Cecily Brown

coming up!!!

at the 14th of december my solo show at the GEM museum The Hague.
Also presented then and for sale the new catalogue: Tjebbe Beekman-the image of the capsulated society.

GEM Museum modern art The Hague Holland

tip: print this jpeg and it´s a doorpass to join us at the opening party the 20th.

berlin gallery round

So finally i´m not so busy anymore and had some time to do a walk around and visit some of the way to many gallery´s here in Berlin.
I haven´t seen much but what i saw was damn good!
For starters go see the new works by David Schnell at Eigen+Art, his work has developed in an amazing way!
With very loose strikes and a very concentrated way of painting his new images are so terrifying good that I was jealous at the spot!

Go see!!!

Further on at the Max Hetzler gallery mister Jeff Koons, although i thought i wasn´t in for a round of kitsch, i must admit these works are great!
And as a surprise we saw a lot of new works by Sigmar Polke at Julius Werner.
Beautifull paintings with a very luxurious trick wich i wont tell you about, just take a look and see how clever made these works are.
At the Carlier/Gebauer there´s a movie by Rosa Barba also go see.

Tip in the middle of this walkabout stop at Sale et Tabaki for some authentic Italian espresso or a good lunch!