Friday, March 30, 2007

Kimberly Clark


Kimberly Clark plays with her own emotions…
In a hysterical way the artist’s collective uses
clichés surrounding them: sex, party, booze, violence,
art, mythology, poetry…
Kimberly Clark mixes all these ingredients to slick
installations, in which they express their love-hate
relationship with the world they live in.
It’s 'Art with pleasure' created with passion.

Kimberly Clark is the name of the artist collective
consisting of three female artists: Josepha de Jong,
Ellemieke Schoenmaker and Iris van Dongen. Many of the
sculptures they make are inspired by ‘nocturnal
escapades’ of the women in the streets of Rotterdam,
recorded on photographs. The work they are making
right now for an exhibition in TENT Rotterdam, for
example, with the working title 'crusade, Rotterdam', is
based on two women climbing to the top of a heap of
construction waste lying in the street. One of the
women is carrying a piece of beam, the other one iron
curtain rails. The composition of the women is that of
a crucifix. A combination of trash, abundance and

The art works consist mainly of 3 dimensional ‘human
figures’ combined with ready-made objects. Kimberly
Clark wants the works to express rawness through the
mains of humor. In a way you could say the
installations are autobiographical. At least the
artists can identify with the subjects they chose.
That explains why the collective often takes ‘the
woman’ as their point of departure. They contradiction
between the beauty of women and the rawness of the
subject creates vulnerability but at the same time
female heroine and power.


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