Monday, July 23, 2007


Fernand Leger: Above all, it is a matter of loving art, not understanding it.

Henry Moore: There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living so there's no end to it.

Balthus: Painting is a language which cannot be replaced by another language. I don’t know what to say about what I paint, really.

William Dobell: A sincere artist is not one who makes a faithful attempt to put on to canvas what is in front of him, but one who tries to create something which is, in itself, a living thing.

Jim Morrison: O great creator of being grant us one more hour to perform our art and perfect our lives.

Damien Hirst: I just wanted to find out where the boundaries were. I've found out there aren't any. I wanted to be stopped but no one will stop me.

Jackson Pollock: The method of painting is the natural growth out of a need. I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them.

Pierre Bonnard: It's not a matter of painting life, it's a matter of giving life to painting.

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