Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Size Matters: XXL - Recent Large-Scale Paintings

On Sunday, September 16, 2007, the HVCCA opens Size Matters: XXL – recent large-scale paintings, the second installment of a two-part exhibition investigating scale in contemporary painting. From the monumental to the miniature, a painting’s dimensions are crucial to its context and success (e.g. massive wall murals commissioned for specific architectural spaces or small religious icons used for devotional purposes). Featuring 32 artists from 9 different countries, XXL presents work in which scale plays an essential role in achieving the goals of the artist. By occupying nearly the entire visual field of the viewer, these paintings demand absorbed attention.

From German artist Jonathan Meese’s 25-foot mixed media exploration - incorporating photographs, found objects, journal papers, graffiti tags, and splashy puddles of paint - to iconic American artist Richard Jackson’s living room set doused in paint, XXL investigates painting’s boundaries in order to assert the fact that it is still vital medium that continues to defy simplistic categorizations. The exhibition features a majority of work produced within the last three years.

Including works by:

* Janis Avotins
* Tjebbe Beekman
* Mark Bradford
* Daniel Buren
* Mike Cloud
* Francesca DiMattio
* Caroll Dunham
* Tim Eitel
* Zhang Enli
* Alexander Esters
* Bendix Harms
* Christian Hellmich
* Anton Henning
* Richard Jackson
* Kristina Jansson
* Aaron Johnson
* Toba Khedoori
* Uwe Kowski
* Sven Kroner
* Tala Madani
* Jonathan Meese
* John Newsom
* Yan Pei-Ming
* Ryan Pierce
* Ulf Puder
* Neo Rauch
* Christoph Ruckhaberle
* Pierre Soulages
* Erik van Lieshout
* Tom Wesselmann
* Toby Ziegler



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